Keep some cable services but use the existing coaxil cable for antenna


We have a charter splitter that has coaxial cables that were hooked to our 5 TV's, plus phone and internet. Now that cable is charging for a box for each TV, we only want to keep cable on two TV's, the internet/phone. Can we disconnect the other 3 TV coaxial cables and use a HD Antenna with a spliter to hook up the other 3 TV's to have basic service for them?


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Yes, you can do that. Many people are doing this now that they charge for each TV. Just make sure that all cables that go to your antenna and TV are disconnected from your cable provider, and use a good splitter and cable. If you would like we can suggest a good antenna for your location if you share your TVfool report.
South St Louis can be a black hole for good reception, depending on your specific neighborhood. You might end up with transmitters in varied directions making an easy aim impossible. The closer one is to Affton, the worse it is.

Just remember that it is mandatory that the antenna signals and anything still connected to Charter must be maintained on physically separated cabling systems.
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