Kids say the darnest things


We have all heard our kids or somebody else's kids say some of the cutest off the wall comments at times. Maybe you have even read some that you would like to share, that the rest of us would enjoy. I will start the thread off with one of mine. Please feel free to reply with your own.

Yesterday, I was shopping for toilet paper. I didn't have my coupons with me, so I was looking for the cheapest brand to make do. I had my 7 year old son with me. He was standing in front of the cottonelle when I heard:

Son: Aye yi yi (exasperatedly)
Me: What?
Son: I just can't look at these dogs anymore.
Me: Why?
Son: It hurts too much (turning away)
Me: Why? (Yes, I know I wasn't very talkative at the moment, after all I was price shopping) ;)
Son: Because I want a dog so bad. (Not the answer I was expecting. I thought maybe he had a bad dream about one)
Me: (Well, I don't actually remember what I said after that. I'm pretty sure that I didn't promise him one, though. I just thought he was so cute)