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The XFinity app no longer works on the Kindle and XFinity has chosen not to offer it in the Amazon App store any longer?

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I switched from DirecTV because I wanted better Internet than what I was receiving from Verizon. Xfinity has some nice features and with their promotion I am paying over $30 a month more than what I paid with no promotions left on DirecTV. So I was expecting better service all the way around. I am not sure the extra cost is worth it.

I do not believe they have any support for the app. I called a few times. The person who answered the phone was pleasant but could not help me. She said she filed a ticket but no one ever called me back even though she said they would. I then tried the online blog site. Only response I received was that my shows may have had an issue uploading to their cloud. Again no help.

I receive an issue each week using the app. I honestly thought paying more for Xfinity would provide better service but so far I have not seen this to be the case.

They need to have a special team for the app and respond back to customers but I do not think they care.
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