Kylo Web Browser Targets TV Couch Potatoes


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Via Wired

A free new browser called Kylo promises to improve the still-imperfect experience of watching online video from a PC on the TV by removing clutter and putting controls front and center.

Unlike traditional browsers, the Mozilla-based Kylo has been specifically designed to be viewed on a TV from a distance in the living room, says HillCrest Labs, which created the browser.

Kylo includes features such as an onscreen keyboard (a small advantage if you, say, have a wireless mouse but not a wireless keyboard), larger fonts and cursors that are easily visible from a distance, no toolbars or tabs to maximize viewing space, and easy bookmarking.

“Conventional browsers tend to clutter the screen with unnecessary status bars, menus, tabs, indicators and more, since they were designed to be used from two feet away,” says Dan Simpkins, founder and CEO of Hillcrest Labs in a statement. ” People deserve something better when it’s time to connect to the TV.”

Kylo works with both PCs and Macs but is not meant to replace Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox, says HillCrest. And unlike other applications or Web sites, Kylo is not a walled garden, says the company. Instead its a browser that can take users anywhere they want to go on the internet.