LAVA A-2605 Outdoor Antenna Reviews


Amplified HDTV Digital UHF/VHF/FM Antenna Rotor Control Outdoor Motorized Built-In Rotator High-Gain Amplifier Low Noise LAVA A-2605 Digital Local TV High Definition HD Television Reception Aerial
this is a great little antenna for the price is small and lite weight has built in rotator and pre amp it is sold by summit source for around 47.00 plus shipping I have installed two of these and have had great results and customers seem happy.
however the rotator control box has no directional reading so it is a guess as to where the antenna is pointing it does have a remote control.
it is great for those who need a small size but powerful antenna it is a red zone which is 60+ miles. would also be great for RV or Boats.
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Jason Fritz

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Specs on the LAVA A-2605:

*UHF/VHF/FM HD Television Reception
*Built-In Low Noise Signal Amplifier
*Built-In Antenna Rotor
*Rotator Head Control with Remote Control
*360 Degree Rotation

* LAVA A-2605 remote Controlled UHF/VHF/FM Amplified HD Antenna
* High Quality Far Ranging Reception
* Parabolic Focusing Reception
* Infrared Remote Control
* UHF Gain: 32 - 36 dB
* VHF Gain 28 - 32 dB
* 75 Ohm Impedance
* 360 Degree Max Rotation (All Direction Rotatable)
* Rotating Speed: 4 - 6 Rounds/Min
* Power: 3 W
* Voltage: 110V +- 10% / 50 Hz
* Range: Up to 40 Mile Max


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Note in the video he has problems with 65, which is really on Channel 7 WLJC-TV

We also don't know how far he is from the stations except rural and says he is at the bottom of a hill.

Sorry but this is just a small UHF antenna with a folded dipole in the rear he calls a reflector but it's for VHF.


Have been using this antenna for a couple years now with only one VHS station available, in a remote area in Maine. I have been informed there are now stations available on the UHF bandwith, the problem is the instructions for the remote control unit has been lost (misplaced). It appears the antenna is locked in one position and will not turn. Where can I procure a set of instructions, or get some information so I can begin to troubleshoot? Thanx in advance!

Fringe Reception

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Sorry to say that antenna is a very poor choice as an antenna for North American TV reception. If the rotator has worked for you for more than two years, that's a new record! Please consider replacing it with an appropriate (superior) antenna.

If you go to TV Fool you can run a free antenna survey that we can use to help choose the 'right' antenna for your location. Please post the resulting URL here for us to study: that website will automatically conceal your location for your security.



my mom picks up 60+ miles on this thing
I'm getting solid UHF reception despite living in a low spot over 60 miles from the towers. During winter, it pulls in several channels from 90+ miles. The little Lava 2605 has been in service for almost 2 years now and you couldn't pay me to go back to cable.