Law & Order Marathon

It's a lazy day for me today. I decided yesterday that I wasn't going to do much today except lounge around. I rarely get days like this and I feel like I should enjoy it. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Law & Order so it is no surprise that I'm watching this marathon today. Until I get the energy to do something else I will be tuned in. Hope everyone else is having a great day.


The longevity of Law and Order, the original version, blows my mind. I guess it shouldn't though, because it makes perfect sense. They found a formula that worked in terms of a structure to build weekly mysteries around, and they stuck to it. They kept the cast fresh, so it never seemed ridiculous that the same people were doing the same job too many years later. But 20 years? Wow. I was only a regular viewer of the first few years, but I'm still in awe of the franchise.