LCD vs Plasma


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What's considered the best TV to get these days? Considering my fold up large screen is starting to show weird objects on the screen I'd like to upgrade to one of the larger high def TV's on the market right now. Possibly 55" or better. I looked at TVs a few years ago and Plasma was the better pick because of its picture quality but LCD I hear has gotten better.


Thomas G

If you're buying for a room with very little light, Plasma has the best picture quality with black colors.

If you're consdering a TV over 60" - Get an DLP.

Do you have a Blu-ray player? Do you plan on subscribing to any HD services through DirecTV or Comcast or another cable company? Or do you just watch Over-the-air?


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I think LCDs are the best now for the long run. I don't know that plasma is gonna stay around because of the energy they take.