Liked it but...


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I liked it when I had DirectTv. Didn't have too many complaints except I think they are a bit more expensive than most the competition. I had some problems with my wiring and they refused to work on that so I had to hire a contractor to come out and do that. DirectTv did seem to lose service a LOT more than when I had Dish and our new service hardly EVER loses signal at all! Have all of you been satisfied?


I have Direct TV and for the most part it is pretty good. We live in a coastal area that is often windy. This seems to disrupt service from time to time, but is usually corrected right away.


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When I had Direct Tv any time it started raining just a little bit the tv would go out. It would really annoy me. I am thinking about getting their service for my camper though because I travel for my job and I am tired of watching the same DVDs and antenna's don't grab anything anymore.
The only time we have had any problems with our service is when we have our severe thunderstorms and/or tropical storms/hurricanes (if you can't tell, I live in FL)...but yeah, other than that I really don't have any complaints...yes they are a little more expensive but they are the best cable service around here.


I have learned to like them because I don't have many other choices. I live in an area that doesn't have cable access so my only options would be to switch satellite co's