Linking Netflix Issues



I have been back with Xfinity since Oct and the package I agreed to included Netflix. I have had Netflix for many years and I have no desire to lose my current account. I was told it would be able to be linked to my current subscription. The link wizard never comes up and has never come up. I have changed the email on my Netflix account 3 times to see if that was the issue as well as cancelled the DVD plan and still nothing. I have checked the profile link and netflix is not an option to associate to the account. It would seem to me it would be wiser to have an option to link this kind of thing through the xfinity website rather than relying on some questionable detection system within the X1 box. I have called customer service and so far they have not been helpful and my search through the forums has not landed on a fix for the lack of a linking wizard.

Has anyone resolved this issue yet?

"Linking Netflix Issues," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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