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I just found this handy list of the best free educational video resources. Many are obvious or at least ones I've heard of, but there are a few on there that I'll have to check out. It also seems like a good page to bookmark so I can easily find these sites when I am doing research!

25 Best Sites for Free Educational Videos

Are there any other good educational video resources they leave out?


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Funny how none of these sources are available on broadcast or cable TV, except for PBS. Television could be one of the greatest educational tools in history, but instead it is full of mindless entertainment. When I first heard of TLC "The Learning Channel" on cable TV I thought it was a great idea. So tell me, what have we learned from "Honey Boo Boo" and "Sex Sent Me to The ER"? There is no learning on the "Learning" channel. I'm afraid that The History Channel has become a total loss, also.

I have found that several of my PBS subchannels such as Mhz Worldview and PBS Create have good content, as well as PBS Kids shows for kids. If you have pay TV, there is some real educational content on the National Geographic channel, Discovery, and Animal Planet. In some states, there are also state funded educational channels that have some distance learning content. Here it is the Utah Educational Network, UEN. Locally, it is broadcast on KUEN.

Sadly, the two greatest educational tools we have - TV and internet - are the home of mindless reality shows and cat videos.


WoW! I almost wet myself with all these options. Yes. Imagine if we watched this stuff compared to the majority of time wasters.
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