Live in West San Fernando Valley. Can I get good HD reception here? Anyone?

West SFV Rich

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Early results are in.... Using the Eagle Aspen DTV2BUHF.....100 ft of RG-6U.... two serial sets of splitters (1:3 split + 1:4 split).....antenna mounted on 10' mast.....mast LAYING DOWN on roof facing the sky!.....I get pretty much every channel broadcasted off of Mt Wilson over LA.
A few channels get a bit "pixelized", but most come in clear as a bell. Did not put antenna in attic as I originaly wanted due to accessibility reasons.

As soon as I find the right straps to mount the mast onto my chimmeny, and face the antenna in the right direction, I bet I get them all perfectly.

Bye Bye Time Warner! Thanks to everyone that contributed advice. I will help spread the word. Rich.


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I didn't realize that you were going to split the signal that much, otherwise I may have recommended a 4 bay rather than the 2. However, it seems that it will work out for you once you have it mounted and pointed.

Enjoy - I wish I had as many channels as you get! (Plus, a trip up Mt wilson to visit the 100" telescope would be pretty cool)


Antenna works fine but I've made a few concessions

I do very well with an antenna inside the house but I can't get channel 7. Someone who had been through the process of trying different antennas told me it's about the placement of the ABC antenna on the mountain-- you need to put an antenna on the roof to reach that signal. I have found this to be probably true. But I get lots of channels and use Netflix! I do not miss cable at all!

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