Local FOX News did a morning show in town


Yesterday our small town hosted the second annual FOX Philly visit. Seems the station travels to small towns and does several live feeds during the morning shows. It was cool seeing the Philly news people walking the streets and interacting with locals. It is quite a production to get things ready and flowing. You don't see them on TV but there are multiple cameras and people directing the talent every second they are on and off camera. I deleted the cell phone pics..sorry. The production truck controls what gets microwaved back to the station. The guy inside the truck talks to the crew and tells them when they go live. Many people are wearing wireless headsets. The video cameras are battery powered. There is a battery of..get it..of rechargeable power packs constantly recharging at the truck. The truck has a large generator to power everything, including the stage lights used in the early morning feeds.

Just for entrainment sake I'll tell a story. We close down the main street for the event. We bring out the various groups like HS Band, football team, cheer leaders. The shops put wares on display. Eateries give away food...which the news heads love to feature. I was there to help promote our Action Park Project. We want to expand the skate park to a modern facility with BMX tracks, pavilion, walking trail and more. We've been getting sponsors and things are moving but as not as quickly as we like. Thankful for the $10K we have for the architectural drawings.

SO..We get a special TV interview with BMXers jumping ramps as a backdrop. Some Beer Wenches, dressed in colonia l(?) wench outfits walk up with mugs of beer and a huge banner for a brewfest at a local eatery. The production guy goes Mad and waves them off camera while the cameraman adjust his angle to ditch the women. Some people! I think it was all the beer they had before 10:00AM. Haha.

We work a lot with the local kids, mentoring and trying to keep them away from heroin. Heroin is cheap and available to everyone. It is bad, bad, bad. Every month locals die from overdoses. We are a tiny rural town, not what one may think of when you think of heroin. If interested...link below.

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