Looking for a great solution for an over the mantle mount? This may help.


After considering solutions to my dilemma for an over the mantle mount, I purchased a Dynamic Mounting Down and Out TV mount. It was ordered over the weekend, shipped Monday, and delivered via FedEx Thursday. The box arrived in good shape and the contents were wrapped in foam wrap. The instructions took a bit longer to read and fully understand; I was doing the work myself and didn’t want any mistakes made by rushing it. However, the instructions were intuitive enough. If you consider buying this mount, I highly recommend to print out the template. Make sure to unmark “shrink to fit” so it comes out of your printer actual size. I used a stud finder to locate the 2x4s then placed the template over the mantle while referencing the proper height (shown in the instructions) needed for my 12" mantle. I used a level to align the template horizontally then drilled the holes through the template into the studs. Unless you’re a Hercules, get someone to help lift the TV onto the mount. This is a high quality product. I am very satisfied with the results and how easy it is to place the TV up high, low, and even in between with little effort. And it can swivel left or right if you want to view the TV from that angle. I highly recommend the Dynamic Mounting Down and Out TV mount if you are looking for a solution to mounting your TV over the fire place. There are other mounts out there that are cheaper but I believe you get what you pay for. Dynamic Mounting also offers rebates for those willing to get the word out. Check them out like I did at https://www.dynamicmounting.com/


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Tranquil Mount

I found a similar product in the uk called Tranquil Mount. It is also for the above the fireplace.


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I'm concerned that some may try to use it with a fire in the fireplace. Yea, I know, common sense... but common sense isn't so common. Witness the warnings on a stepladder!