Losing any room service while having the x1 platform?



I got a brand new, never used DVR in April that solved all my recording issues on the X1 platform.

I was told today that the DVR I have is a "legacy box". Some of you may have seen this at the bottom of your bill:

"Xfinity TV Update: Effective December 20, 2019, AnyRoom DVR Service will
no longer be available for new subscriptions. If you currently have AnyRoom DVR
Service, you will continue to receive this service until you make a change or you
receive further notice."

In other discussions this has been dismissed as only applying to old legacy boxes, not the X1 platform.

Since I am being told I have a legacy DVR but also have the X1 platform, how does this affect me? If I renew my contract at a different price, will I lose anyroom service? If so, how do you watch recordings in different rooms? I thought anyroom service was the whole point of X1

Do non legacy DVRs only make inferior cloud recordings?

"Losing any room service while having the x1 platform?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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