Magnum Dynalab MD 205 Signal Sleuth


Looks like something for a true FM enthusiast. :)

How well does the Power Sleuth perform?

In an independent test, using a commercially available FM tuner, the following percentile improvements were obtained with the SLEUTH on line:

Sensitivity (under 1dB limiting) -170%

Spurious Response Rejection -90%

Image Rejection -380%

Ultimate Selectivity was rated at 70dB+

Also, the total harmonic distortion (THD) remained unchanged, indicating the Sleuth added no measurable distortion of its own.
But is it really that much better than my Sony receiver w/ FM tuner?


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This isnt really for your average joe.

The super sensitive and selective Sony XDR F1HD is fine on its own. Even lessor radios, you just may have to improve your antenna performace to balance the recieving system.