Man VS Wild VS Survivorman


I watched Survivorman the other day, and I must say, that guy is a complete wuss compared to Bear from Man VS Wild. Bear gets out there and doesn't stop moving until he gets to his destination, he eats anything and goes into strange small place. The guy on Survivorman doesn't even leave his "camp" for three days and whines about the heat and rain. Anyone else watched Survivorman and think he is a complete crybaby?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Man Vs Wild is by far the better of the two shows. He is good at talking and draws you in to help you learn how to survive in the wild. He also has an awesome accent.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I think that Bear does have an awesome accent, which sets him apart from all the others. But, there are many other parts of his show that make him great. He does such amazing stunts and survives in the most awkward of places.

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