Media pc vs Roku + Diamond HD Media Wonder Mini Media Player


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Media pc vs Roku + Diamond HD Media Wonder Mini Media Player

I have a media PC that I've been using for a few years now, but I just got a great media center fireplace Burnished Pecan Electric Fireplace and Media Mantel and since it's a Dell tower, it won't fit on the shelf. (the dell is about 50% wasted space on the inside, but I can't just put it in another case, because it's proprietary Dell)

So, I either have to build a new media PC, or I can just buy a Roku and a Diamond HD Media Wonder Mini Media Player.

Any opinions, and what are my options for a media PC for cheap? I would need 3 ghz processor, 2 PCIe slots for my video card and tuner, and a pci slot for my firewire card if there is no on-board firewire.

It would be a plus if I could re-purpose a desktop, since it would have windows 7 already, I don't want to spring for a copy, and Linux would just confuse the family.


What parts, if any, would you be reusing from the Dell? HD, vid card, tuner, memory? Motherboards with plenty of features can be had for $50 or less and decent HTPC cases the same (or a LOT more if you want to).
I built this one almost 2 years ago:

Living Room HTPC-
Biostar MCP6PB-M2+ motherboard
AMD Athlon II X2 240 Regor@2.8Ghz
4Gb DDR2-800
Sapphire Radeon HD6850 1Gb PCIe
LiteOn 22X SATA DVDrw
Allied 500W PSU
Antec Fusion Remote case
Samsung PN42C450 42" plasma
Windows 7 Ultimate x86

I had the memory, HD, DVD-RW and power supply. Got the mobo/cpu as a combo deal from newegg for $50, got the 6850 on sale when it first came out and the Antec case (though expensive $169 when I bought it) looks like a piece of high end audio equipment.

Our bedroom has a Foxconn R30-D4 mini I got for for $120 w/4Gb of ram as a newegg combo special.

You can also browse Craigs List for a slightly older system you can update. I've done this with a few I've picked up to build systems for my grandson's over the past year.


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