MeTV Coming to Washinton, DC


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This comes from MeTV:

Me-TV is heading to the nation’s capital on WJLA -Washington D.C. The station will launch Me-TV on March 1, 2013 and be seen over-the-air on channel 7.2.

The network now has clearance in each of the top ten television markets in the country.


Where's the new channel??

So where is METV? I was looking forward to seeing some of the programming. Verizon FIOS doesn't list it in the lineup. My OTA scan shows 7.1 (WJLA HD), 7.2 (WeatherScan), and 7.3 (LiveWell)... no METV.

I agree with the above post -- dump LiveWell and keep the weather scan!


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I was glad to get Me-TV here, but we had to lose The Cool TV to get it. One of my local LPs is hoping to pick up The Cool TV soon, but I will lose TUFF and/or RTV. Looks like the FTA dish goes up this spring...

And I agree about "Live Well". It just sucks.


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I get MeTv and Antenna Tv. with my antenna. Both are great channels. I finally cut the cord with Directv after 10 yrs. I have Tivo and Netflix. I pay $23.00 now compared to $100. with Directv.


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I enjoy MeTV a lot. I love seeing the closing credits again; that's soooo nice! The program selection has been very good so far. I like the oldies they are showing. It's a lot of fun and better than any other retro station right now. AntennaTV would be second best.


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I applaud Antenna TV but I do find I'm watching more of MeTV right now. They are airing a lot of shows I really haven't seen in decades. To be honest, I've seen the AntTV shows over the years so after one time through (again), I find myself with MeTV and shows I don't recall or haven't seen in a longer stretch.

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