MeTV only channel with no sound



I have the X1 system with three TVs

For the last few weeks the MeTV network has no sound. The picture is fine. The closed captions work and the SAP is set to English. All the other channels have the normal picture and sound.

Other TVs in the house have the same problem.

I’ve also reset the SAP settings via the Xfinity menu.

Any ideas?



"MeTV only channel with no sound," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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I have the X96 Max+ box, and what I wound up doing is going to the Droid settings (mine are on the desktop. you may have to look in Apps) going to Audio Output then to Digital Audio Format. It was set to PCM, so I switched it to Auto (SPDIF also worked) then went back to Perfect Player and MeTV worked II don't have volume control from my Xfinity remote on that channel (all the other channels I do), but I still have volume control with my TV remote, so I'm happy with that.

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