Missing Saved Favorites



Over the weekend, I could bring up all of the Movies and TV shows that I had favorited with ease by pressing the Xfinity button, selecting "Saved" and then selecting "Favorites."

When I visit the Favorites page, SEVERAL HUNDRED saved favorites are now missing, including some that I saved over this weekend. Yet, some others that I saved over the weekend are there. I'm currently only showing 110 Movies and 39 TV shows as favorited.

I use this page to help me decide what I what to watch next and when. Now, I can't see the selections I made last to even know which movies and television shows I wanted to see, especially before some of them expire.

The not so funny part is that if I bring up something using the Voice menu (for example, I might say "Gentleman Jack" or "Barry"), the Info screen shows that they are favorites even though they no longer appear on the Saved Favorites screen.

I'm so tired of Comcast's services not working right. It's bad enough that I have to put up with the cut off sides on the screen for now until I feel well enough to deal with that problem further. Could Comcast please stop doing whatever it's doing that keeps messing up things? Please? And maybe, I don't know, fix this new problem?

"Missing Saved Favorites," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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