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The Seattle Seahawks home is Century Link Field. During home games, television Sportscasters regularly refer to the incredible sound levels generated by the 12th-man fans (now referred to as 'the twelves'). The C-Links' acoustics and its reputation for a loud crowd is not being exaggerated. Annually, the twelves help cause more false start penalties by their adversaries than in any other NFL venue. If you appreciate your hearing, I recommend ear plugs there.

Being a newer stadium, it was smartly designed to accommodate the disabled: it has several elevators and plenty of 'parking' for wheelchair bound fans with nearby 'standing' slots for their caregivers. Kudos!

C-link Stadium is shared with the Seattle Sounders FC (Soccer) and across the street is Safeco Field, the home of the Seattle Mariners:

The link below has one major error: "They also have one of the best teams in football as the Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII, bringing the first major championship in any sport to the City of Seattle".

Whoever wrote it forgot the Seattle Supersonics NBA Championship in 1979: Nevertheless, the Stadium link below is pretty good.

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