Most Popular Tablets for Kids

Ever since Apple introduced the iPad, every other electronics company has tried their luck at creating a tablet. While most companies are sticking with tablets for use by adults, there are several companies that are trying to put out products catered to a different market. That market would be the kids. When parents want to get their children a tablet to help them learn with innovative games and other exciting features, dishing out $500 for an iPad is a risky move to make. That is why some companies are really hitting the market hard with tablets made for children with a cost that won't kill your bank account.

VTech InnoTab 3
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Among the popular tablets that are affordable for your wallet is the VTech InnoTab3. This tablet is the epitome of a children's tablet. The tablet features a 4.3" screen which is more than enough for the tiny hands of your kid to play games, read books, use a camera or listen to music. The camera on this device is top notch and features a 2-megapixel rotating camera that saves images automatically to the 2 GB of memory built in to the device.

This isn't the first product made by this company and as you would hope, it has evolved to improve on its features. It now has a D-pad which can be used along with the touchscreen option to make the gaming experience better with some titles and apps. The camera has been upgraded from the previous models, improving its megapixels and allowing your child to record videos or take still-photos from either side of the device. The device will be available for sale later in July for a cost of about $70.

LeapPad Ultra
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When it comes to learning tools for children, LeapPad has one of the biggest names. With their new LeapPad Ultra, your children will be able to connect to Internet with a Wi-Fi connection but also features a safe browser ensuring your kid doesn’t get onto any website they shouldn't be. The search browser used on this device prohibits the viewing of age-restricted websites. The screen is seven inches, which is much larger than many competitors in the genre and the picture is clear with 1024 x 600 resolution.

The database with this system includes more than 800 different apps, videos, eBooks and music that can be downloaded by parents with a four digit secure code. The device has a front and back camera and 8 GB of internal memory. The LeapPad Ultra will retail for $150 when it is released in a few weeks and downloadable apps will start at $5.

Most of the children's tablets allow your child to look through pictures, watch videos and more, but for many parents looking to make this purchase, it may come down to the cost and that is where the InnoTab3 reigns supreme in the market.