Motorola DSR-550 VOOM box (not a CECB)


Added for completeness in my reviews.

Here's one that hasn't been reviewed here. It is NOT a CECB as it has DVI and HDTV video outputs, as well as the SPDIF audio output. It also has the standard RFout, video, left and right audio outputs. The RFin module is interesting, it can be removed, for replacement with a different module. It DOES give power to certain satellite antennas, so you would not need to use a power injector to get those antennas to work in receiving OTA signals.

It does not have analog pass-through, so it must be on the end of the RF chain.

It has several modes of viewing, 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i Really nice for HDTVs I'll check it out when I get a computer montior that takes the DVI output.

There is an expansion port on the right wich accepts a PCMCIA pack, and a USB connector in the back. There's also other connections in the back which aren't vital for receiving OTA signals.

I'm not able to open mine as it uses a security screw that I don't have the wrench for. It uses a Cablevision Security card which must be in the box in order for digital TV to be watched.

The remote control is great, which is why I still use it - it lights up and has a function to switch the TV power.

It does a great job of pulling stations on clear days, it gets all 66 stations. It intermittently loses the weakest PBS station here during bad weather. (KCET Los Angeles) The box crashes and reboots when it tries to tune to CBS There's extra information in the CBS stream that the box can't digest.

There is a major fault with the unit, however- it does not delete the old station records that are not available in the area. I got mine from an Eastern state, and it has some channels active that are not active here.

There's no program guide or other info for OTA use - just the original VOOM channel designation.

I'll only recommend this if you're not able to get a DTVPal Plus or another high-resolution (640x480i at 30fps, or better) converter box with a good remote or a program guide.

Motorola should work on making a digital converter box by themselves, if they can get one made that is NOT locked to a subscription provider (which all of their STBs currently are) The VOOM escapes that restriction as it uses a passive security loophole - the box does not check for active satellite service before allowing the DSR-550's use, if it was unplugged and didn't receive the "kill service" signal at the end of the VOOM service.


It has the latest, just unplugged before the kill date, just like the other two I got with it. (I was lucky to get 3 in one shot for $50 total a year and a half ago - two are missing the covers for the resolution switch, one missing the cover for the service card. All still work great.)

Firmware: V16
HAL: 00.07.37
Middleware: 01.45.02
Guide: 20.02.08
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