Question: Moved antenna to higher better location and now all channels but 1 comes in, no ABC


I just recently cut the cord and bought a digital antenna (Winegard FlatWave FL6550A Air Attic Outdoor HD TV Antenna) along with a Tablo. I live in South Orange County, CA trying to get the L.A. TV stations.

When I temporary hooked everything up on top of my patio, all the channels came in that I wanted. CBS, NBC, CW, ABC, FOX, PBS, etc. Next, I unhooked it all and moved the antenna about 10 feet higher to the roof with a better view, nothing blocking it. Now, I get all the channels except ABC. I've rescanned the Tablo channels and still no ABC coming in. Any suggestions on what's going on? How do you fix? Thank you, in advance, for your insights.

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You have discovered your higher location isn't better than the patio location! I suggest you return the antenna to your patio.

There are many potential reasons you lost reception of a channel: TV signals arrive to your home in layers, something like a stack of pancakes. It is possible if you raised or lowered your antenna a couple feet, the missing channel may reappear. If you moved it sideways a few feet, the channel might come in. Your antenna is amplified and it is possible at the higher elevation the signal strength is now too strong for your tuner to decipher.

If you have a metal roof, gutters, flashing or a chimney they may be reflecting signals from that channel and confusing your tuner.

When you rescanned your tuner, it 'forgot' the ABC channel, so I suggest you return the antenna to your patio, rescan to capture ABC, then return the antenna to the roof and try a variety of locations and heights until the tuner 'sees' the missing channel. That's where the antenna should be mounted, not necessarily at a convenient location. Please keep us advised on your results and good luck!

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This is the same problem I have, except I live in LA. lol I just submitted a question about it. I think ABC is a VHF channel and tough to pickup.

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