Ok question for everyone. I saw that directv has a moving program where they set you up at your new place and all you do is bring the box with you and your remote. I'm renting a place right now and when I do move, I will be moving across the country, would I be taking the satelite with me (like they remove it and I bring it with me) or do I get a new satelite in my new house? This isn't going to be for a while but we are starting to figure out everything like that and does it cost anything for them to do that?


I'm sure they are not going to do it for free unless you present to them that it is a deal breaker if they don't offer you moving service for free.
Oh ok, yeah I was thinking about that...because I see those commercials all the time on TV for when they help you move but they never say anything else other than it's easy. So yeah taht's something to look into.
I thought I heard somewhere that it's free to have Directv reinstall everything after you move. I think you have to disconnect everything yourself before you move. Don't quote me on that, hehe.


I believe you take your receivers with you, not the actual dish. We rented for awhile before moving and took all the equipment with us. They had to install a dish at our new place and we then just hooked up our original receivers.