multiple dtv boxes and vcr's

I need help!! I want to connect 1 tv and a vcr dvd combo together in the main room. I am using 2 RCA dtv boxes, one for the tv and one for the converter. In another room I have 3 vcr's one tv and 4 converters. I'm wanting to record on the vcrs and watch tv as a standalone after setting up vcrs to record.
So far I have only done the main unit but I'm having problems with 2 converters on the same line. The tv only has ONE RF in connection and the vcr dtv combo has multiple connections in and out. It appears that I have to split the antenna in as well as the out to the tv. How do I get the split connections for the tv from multiplr outs from the converters and the vcrs??:confused:
Hope someone can help me with this,it's driving me nuts!:mad:
I forgot, tvs only have one input.
every time you split it you will drop your signal strength 3db so by putting in all these splitters you will kill the signal from the antenna. you will have to add a preamp to the antenna you could but a distribution amp run the antenna into it and run the multiple out puts to the converter boxes. then you would have to use an ab switch to run to the tv from the converter box and from the VCR. you should have looked into the new dtv-pal dvr from dish it has duel tuners and is a dvr so you could watch one program and record another. it cost 249.00 but with all the converter boxes you have bought it would not be much more expensive. you don't have to subscribe to any dish service to use it either that or find converters that have duel tuners. another option would be to put tuner cards in a PC and record to a hard drive.:)

The new DTVPal DVR digital-to-analog converter box is the first and only to offer digital video recording (DVR) and high-definition (HD) capabilities along with analog pass-through.

Simple to setup and easy to use
Amazing picture and sound quality
Record up to 150 hours of your favorite shows
Pause any show - even live TV - for up to 60 minutes
Skip recorded commercials with exclusive 30-second skip button
Create instant replay with 10-second skip back
Dual tuner allows you to:
Watch one live show while you record another
Record two live shows while you watch a previously recorded show
Available downloads keep your DTVPal DVR up-to-date

One ATSC antenna input for two over-the-air digital broadcasts
• A/V connections:
1 HDMI output
1 set of Component (YPbPr)HD analog video outputs
1 optical digital output for Dolby Digital and
PCM Digital audio
1 set RCA-type audio/video outputs
1 Channel 3-4 modulated output

• 1 Ethernet port (for future use)
• 1 USB 2.0 port (for future use)
• 3-prong power cord
• Dimensions (approx.):
H: 3.1" x W: 14.6" x D: 8.8"
• Weight (approx.): 5.0 lbs.
• Color: black
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Thanks but need more info

Thanks for the info
But here is what I need.
I have a channel master pre amp at the antenna.Signals are very good.I have a converter for each vcr (4)(one is a dvd vcr combo) and for each tv (2). Tvs only have one RF input. I am trying to set up the vcrs to record and then watch tv by its own converter.:confused: I understand that I will have to feed the antenna to each converter but how can I get all of them to record separately and view this on the tv one at a time and then change to the tvs converter to watch another program??:eek:
If you or someone could show me a diagram of the connections it sure would help. If no diagram can you just tell me what I need and how to do it?:eek:
Thanks for your help I really appreciate it!
antenna to converter converter to vcr then to A side of ab switch ab switch to tv. second converter to the B side of switch you would have to switch between the converter for the tv and the converter/vcr I don't know how you would do 4 vcrs I don't think it would be possible. without a duel tuner.:)