Review: "Muscle Shoals" on PBS Independent Lens!


I just caught the tail end of it..when they started playing Skynyrd. It looked really good. I'll have to keep a lookout for it again.


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I always knew Skynyrd was associated with Muscle Shoals - but I wasn't aware of the depth of talent that passed through there. Really impressive what they did there, especially at that time period in George Wallace's Alabama. One thing I found amusing was that Duane Allman was the subject of abuse by local rednecks for his long hair, as was Wilson Pickett because he was black. Therefore the two remained at the studio while the rest of the (white and nerdy-looking) musicians went to lunch. It was then that Duane and Wilson recorded a version of The Beatles "Hey Jude" - and Southern Rock was born.


I do not recall the name of the documentary...probably something on VH1 years ago. It stated that the men behind the Motown sound, and introducing black artists to the mainstream...were visionary white guys. It showed that a couple of guys found the talent in churches and street corners and helped get recordings made and played on the radio. Remember when radio was important? No doubt back then you had to be white to enter the wheels of business...almost any business. I don't know just surprised me that some "nerdy" looking white guys started the wild Richard Little thing.