Music Track Overwhelms Audio Track During DVD Playback....

D.V. Dee

DTVUSA Jr. Member
When playing DVDs on my Sony DVP-NS425 DVD player, with Pro-Ject Hear It Two headphones,
the audio track frequently gets overwhelmed by the music track.

This isn’t the case with all DVDs that I play, but it happens with enough of them to constitute a major distraction.

My DVD player is patched through an Onkyo TX-8255 Stereo Receiver to an LG 32LN530B HD LED TV,
with a Radio Shack switcher to change options.

My speakers are Marantz HLM 208a (circa 1984).

I realize that both the DVD player and the speakers are pretty vintage, but they
still function just fine (I assume). I much prefer using headphones to the speakers.

(Oddly, there’s no audio heard when the Onkyo is set to DVD/Line 1, but heard OK when set to Line 2).

Any way I can resolve this dilemma? I've noticed this is a recurring problem on other social media posts.

Thanks for any feedback!