My converter box gets HOT!!!!


I have an AccessHD model 1050 that gets HOT, not just warm. The GXi International,LLC. Their automated phone system says this is normal(?). I am afraid to leave it plugged in at night. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
sit the box up on something so that air will circulate around it. it is common for newer electronic devices to run very hot this occurs because of processors and chips that run at much faster speeds than in the past so they generate more heat. it should cool down when simply turned off as it is not feeding power to the boards. just keep it where it can get lots of air and see what happens.:)
this also happens with newer computers, new video cards that have multiple processors it take two processors for hd minimum.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Where is the box set up at, is it in a closed cabinet? How hot does it get, can you hold your hand on it for 5 seconds without having to pull it away because of the excessive heat?

I have a Pioneer receiver that gets really hot after a few hours of use, so I shut it off after I'm finished with watching TV for the night. I'm sure that it's normal also, but I just don't like the thought of leaving it on all the time...

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