My View: Boy Am I Glad I'm Not a 'How I Met Your Mother' Watcher-Alternate DVD Ending


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I must admit that I am glad that I never got into the just-ended series, "How I Met Your Mother." The Neil Patrick Harris comedy was one I was interested in watching years ago, but never did because it was on opposite other programs I deemed more desirable and back then I did not have a DVR at my disposal. When the show left the air last week, the first review I read raved about the "happy ending." I thought that was cool, that it was great the show ended in the way the fans wanted.

Over the next few days, though, the reviews and commentaries were far less favorable. Apparently, some fans felt betrayed by the way the show twisted from everything that had happened over the past season, a season that was primarily devoted to Barney's wedding. Harris played Barney, that much I know. It seems the long awaited nuptials didn't last long and practically before the I do's were over, the couple was divorced.

It seems the mother of the series title, who was never seen or even named until this year, won over the hearts of many audience members who wanted their happy ending to be a living one, where she and Ted (the husband telling the story to their children) are a thriving couple of the modern world. Instead, when the story was all said and done, the kids apparently told their dad that he hadn't been telling them about how he'd met their mother, but how he had the hots for Aunt Robin (the all-of-a-sudden divorced wife of Barney). Though Ted had dated Robin at one point, some reacted very negatively to the reaction of the kids and the ultimate series resolution that had Ted and Robin reuniting with the mother having died somewhere along the way.

Now here's the thing. It's been announced that there is more footage available from that last episode which has been re-edited to provide what is apparently the other ending, the other happy ending where Ted and Tracey (the mother) are together and living happily ever after. How do fans get to see it? All they have to do is buy the complete DVD set for the series, that's all.

If I were a fan, I'd be screaming bloody murder at the apparent disregard for my feelings. Word is that this is not extra footage, but magic worked in the editing room. While only one script was filmed, the powers that be realized that by some clever editing, they could finish off the story in one of two ways. They claim they stand by their choice of what aired.

As a romantic, I have a feeling that I would be a fan of Ted and Tracey and probably one of Barney and Robin, so I think I'd be incensed by the finale and the convenient reveal (done on Twitter yet) that the other edited version would be available in the complete series box set. If I were a fan, I'd probably already have several seasons in my DVD library and would have to fork out a ridiculous amount of money on a repeat seasons just to get this miraculous re-editing of the finale.

Like I said, I sure am glad I'm not a fan of 'How I Met Your Mother' and that the extent of my viewing were scattered scenes here and there that probably never even totaled a thirty-minute episode. Whew!
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