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Hey guys maybe you can give me some advice. I dumped the satelight and put up a channelmaster 4228 I had new sitting around in the garage and a pre-amp, but I can only get one channel WTAJ 10.1 and when the amp is off I cant even get that. I have included my TVfool page below if anyone has some suggestions. I am using a magnavox decoder box as well. Maybe I need a better antenna?? Thanks!

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Sorry for the delay in comeback to you. Do to a recently discovered software issue, not all members were able to view the post you made.

The CM-4228 is a very good antenna choice for UHF reception. I note your TVFOOL report is set at 20 feet above ground level: is this attic mounted or outside mounted? If inside, move it outside. The signals you are trying to receive are 2-edge, which means there are at least two significant obsticles between the transmitters and you, so the higher the antenna is installed, generally the better the chance to capture those channels. Also, what kind of coaxial cable are you using? RG-6 is recommended over RG-59 because it has much less signal loss. I hope this helps.

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