Need an antenna recommendation please


Here's the TV Fool link:

TV Fool

We live north of Jacksonville, and my in-laws need an antenna, after just cutting the Dish cord. I live a few blocks away, and installed an RCA ANT3036WZ in our attic about a year and a half ago. It works fine, but wasn't sure if any technology has changed since then, or what. Their antenna will go in the attic or on the roof, not sure which yet. If I'm reading the TV Fool report correctly, there are still high VHF channels in jacksonville. Thanks, ED
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jay from lauderdale

im using a Winegard FL5000 model without the amplifier and am pulling in approx 84 channels at any scan in the miami- ft laud market. we just got buzzr that came on air a few days ago . Court tv will launch in miami in November on 39.4. not sure what will happen to This tv currently on 39-4.

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