Need help new mohu sky



Sooo...I'm in south san francisco with a view of San Bruno mountains directly north of me, with a view of East bay and more of the peninsula south. I just installed a mohu sky on my roof... I traced the cables from each room going towards the crawl space. It goes mohu sky - 4 way amplifier (in crawl space) - 4 TVs in separate rooms. All of TVs are getting decent channels accept my bedroom tv. It's getting a bunch of ktsf clone channels 200. Even when unplugging my mohu sky from the tv and using a radio shack window antenna it's still getting about 100 cloned ktsf channels. It didn't do this before!!

Also for the TVs that are getting decent channels. I can't seem to pick up Fox and ABC like I hear other people getting. I get 11.1 and ion etc. Please any help will be appreciated.

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