Netflix and CBS deal; Amazon gets 'Under the Dome' episodes

Up until a couple days ago, Netflix was already showing popular CBS titles like Jericho, Star Trek, Twin Peaks and Medium, but with a recent addition to their already established deal, will add other new titles to their large library of titles. Among the new shows being added to the service will be CSI: NY, L.A. Complex and 4400. Netflix is hopeful that this deal will lead to more shows. "We look forward to adding even more high-profile titles from CBS in the near future," said Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer.

The one issue for some television fans with this deal is that Netflix users won't be able to watch brand new episodes on this service. The only CBS show that internet streaming fans will be able to watch is Under the Dome, which is based off a Stephen King book. Amazon Prime users will be able to watch the series in-season just four days after the show airs on the network.
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