Netflix and newborns


I know there are kids movies and shows on Netlfix. But is there anything on netflix related to things that do with newborns. Like maybe a show that has really bright colors and maybe shapes and stuff? I figure if I can get my newborn to see brightly colored shapes on the 55" in TV I will be able to tell him what they are and stuff. Ya I know I am starting early with the shapes and what not. But its also very colorful as well. I think he would enjoy it. I mostly thing he would enjoy it because, if he has ADHD like his dad it will keep him "level" so to speak.
Baby First TV programs are wonderful for young babies. The only specific programs I can think of off the top of my head are Harry the Bunny and Art & Music. I think the latter would be perfect for a newborn, it generally features classical music with bright visuals. I believe all of their programming is on netflix, but I know for sure the two that I mentioned are.
Their website also has a lot of videos and games for little ones.


Lol I'll bet that this post would terrify a ton of old-fashioned parents.

"You're teaching your baby to love TV!" Jenny says.
"No, ma'am, I'm teaching my baby to be smarter in an efficient way, by use of the TV," Gary says.

Shut up, Jenny. Gary knows what he's doing. Contrary to popular belief, television is not the devil.


I have to agree TV is not the devil. But I also like to make sure they are not watching violent related shows or shows to do with Jacka** 3D. But more educational. That pretain more to things related to emotion and colors and things like that.