Netflix and PBS Extends Streaming TV Deal

The internet streaming market continues to gain steam with more companies looking to get into the discussion. While other companies are slowly beginning to catch up to the leader, Netflix, the company continues to sign new deals and extend current deals to compete with the competition from Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and others. The most recent move made by Netflix was re-signing with PBS to continue showing the channel's shows.

Netflix and PBS Distributions will bring two new shows directly to the streaming service for subscribers, adding more original content to the already large database of Netflix originals like House of Cards and the fourth season of Arrested Development. The shows that are included in this deal with PBS are The Bletchley Circle and Super Why!. The Bletchley Circle is a murder mystery series coming directly from the UK while Super Why! is a preschool series for kids.

The deal is one that many pundits felt Netflix needed to make especially after their deal with Viacom ended recently. With Viacom gone as a distributor, the addition of the PBS shows will help to fill a void that was left in their kids programming. Also filling the void is their recent deal with DreamWorks Animation which will bring more than 300 hours of original programming to the internet streaming service.

The PBS deal doesn't only include those two original shows, as other popular shows for children like Arthur, Callilou and Wild Kratts. The deal also includes several documentaries including Prohibition and Central Park Five. Other television series' will also be included, but Netflix is playing catch up to Amazon and their Instant Video service, as most of these shows have been included on their service for some time.

As time goes on, Netflix will look to sign on with other companies to air their shows and movies, but their schedule is beginning to be filled. The DreamWorks deal will start paying off in 2014 with different shows involving Casper The Friendly Ghost, Mr. Magoo, Lassie and others. In less than a week, Netflix will begin airing their new exclusive television series Orange is the New Black. The show is based off a memoir written by a former inmate at the women's Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn. The first season of the show starring Laura Prepon, Natasha Lyonne and Taylor Schilling will feature 13 episodes and the streaming company has already order a second season without the show even premiering yet.

As Netflix continues to work at locking into different markets and genres with their internet streaming service, they will keep hoping that their service remains important to users at $8 per month. With this new deal with PBS and other deals recently signed, they are working towards keeping their service at the top of the rankings.


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To me, PBS on Netflix is a joke. Mostly trailers. But I am pretty sure, the handwriting on the wall, this will increase. I can watch PBS on my antenna anyway. But cable is cutting their own throats. The one ace in the hole they still have is sports. Considering I only watch NASCAR, I decided I could live without it and save almost $200 a month. It's coming. Cable is dying. More people are waking up.
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