Netflix and the movie Olympus has fallen


I just watched part of the movie... Now I have so many questions that I feel will never be answered.... But I am glad I was able to find it on netflix. Over all it is a good action movie. How many more movies are about the president on netflix? I am not really sure how to find movies like that.
Yeah, I really liked Olympus Has Fallen. If you're into watching decent shows about politics, etc, then I might suggest watching the House of Cards series on Netflix. Be warned though, its an easy one to get sucked into for like a full two days!!!


Lol, I normally have no problem getting sucked into shows.... I seem to do that really well, actually LOL. Once I started watching Merlin, ya it was basically over for me.. I am now on season 5 of Merlin, and I literally have to make myself stop... Its really hard!
Ha! I haven't watched Merlin since season 2 (not on purpose, just lost track of the show somehow!). I may have to pick up on the 3 seasons that I haven't seen now. Is it on Netflix?


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Same thing happens with my wife on Netflix. Once she's hooked, she can't stop until she's seen every available episode.


It's really good! But be warned season 5 is the last season for Merlin. I wont go into what happens cause that will give it away!!! But you should continue to watch. :D
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