Netflix First Timer

I know I am behind the times by like a million years but I watched a movie on Netflix for the first time Thursday night. I'm not a huge fan of watching movies at the house. Typically when a good movie comes out I go to the movies and see it then never think about it again. With that being said I never got into the whole Netflix idea. Well the other night my boyfriend and I decided to watch a movie and I don't know if it was my computer or the actual movie itself but for ten minutes the sound was not matching up with the screen. It was so annoying I almost said the heck with it. Eventually it stopped but I'm wondering is this typical of Netflix or was it probably my computer that had the issue.


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I'll bet your computer was the problem, I can't recall having a problem with sound sync on Netflix. Sometimes when I lose sync on my computer, I will restart the video and that can solve the issue. I don't often use a computer to watch Netflix, it's usually on my Android tablet or a Roku player.