Netflix to add more children's shows and movies with Scholastic deal

In recent months, the largest streaming TV provider, Netflix, has inked a deal with DreamWorks Animation and has re-signed their previous contract with PBS. Both of those deals helped the company add more programs to their children section and that catalog of shows and movies is getting boosted by their latest deal with Scholastic.

This past Thursday, a deal with Scholastic was signed which will bring their catalog of children's television shows and movies to the Netflix lineup, including the exclusive right to stream certain shows in several countries. Earlier this year, Netflix had already added The Magic School Bus and Goosebumps – both Scholastic shows – to their library of content. With the new deal, not only will Netflix subscribers be able to watch these shows on their iPad's, iPhone's, PlayStation 3's or whatever device they use for the service, the company will now retain the exclusive rights for those shows in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. When it comes to The Magic School Bus, Netflix will also hold the exclusive right to air the program in Latin America.

Among the new Scholastic content that will be added to the extensive Netflix library are shows like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Stellaluna, Harry the Dirty Dog and The Snowy Day.

The addition of DreamWorks will bring in more than 300 hours of original content, while a deal with Disney will bring in additional programming. Netflix made these moves and the move with PBS and Scholastic after deciding to decline a renewal with Viacom (who then signed with Amazon). By losing Viacom, Netflix lost the right to air shows like Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob Square Pants. Those losses initially angered many subscribers, but Netflix is hopeful this deal with Scholastic and the others announced during the past several months will help further their relationship with their more than 37 million customers and keep them tuned into their service instead of the competition.

Netflix signing with Scholastic was big for another reason, as they were able to keep them away from Amazon. Amazon is the biggest challenger in the internet streaming market today and had they been able to sign Scholastic themselves, it could have made a major push for those with young kids to choose Amazon instead of Netflix. They didn't and Netflix will continue to lead the way in the market.
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