Netflix's New Profile System

If you haven't turned on Netflix in a few weeks, you may have been wondering what their new profile system was all about when you turned on your PlayStation 3 or iPad. With the new profile system, everyone in your household (up to five total) can set their own queue for their favorite television shows, movies and original series. Of course, from what each user watches, each separate profile will get their own set of recommendations.

The new program was instituted just a few weeks ago and allows a single $8 account to be accessed by five different users. With more than 37 million subscribers around the world, this new feature may lead to some accounts within the same household being lost, but overall, the general feeling towards the program is that of excitement.

This has been something that longtime Netflix users within the same household have been asking to see for years. Prior to this program, the recommendation system was skewed with multiple users on the same account. With one person, shows like Mad Men and The Walking Dead might be the norm, while the younger members in the household might be watching Hannah Montana or other shows from Nickelodeon.

When it comes to the new profile system, it will become easier for Netflix to offer more realistic recommendations for all its users. The way Netflix determines its recommendations are through previously watched shows as well as user-rated programs. By allowing multiple profiles within the same account, users won't need to guess which shows were being recommended to them or which were being suggested for someone else.

At the original launch of the program, the new service was being offered on most devices including the PS3, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, XBOX 360 and some smart television models. Netflix users that use the Nintendo Wii will be able to use this service before the end of August and those using Android devices will be able to do the same before the end of the year. Those that use Roku as their internet streaming option won't be able to use the profile program until sometime in 2014.

When it comes to other internet streaming options, Netflix has the edge with their recommendation system. By having the best system in place, the company is likely to keep cancellations down as users will continually have new shows to watch and enjoy. With new contracts being signed almost weekly with distribution companies, the time where there are new shows to watch may never go away.