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This question is about "Netgear C3000 - Not exceeding 50 MBPS", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Team,

I have been using Netgear C3000 model router/modem combo for my internet. I was recently got into 200 Mbps plan as part of moving from one location to other. Earlier i used to have 100 Mbps plan.

I tried doing a speed test using ethernet cable and suprised to see my router combo getting only at 35 Mbps. I tried repeating the speed test at multiple instances and it didn't increase much.

My question here: Is this model C3000 don't have capability to handle spectrum mentioned speed ? Model spec has all details to support upto 300 Mbps. Please advice.

Netgear C3000 - Not exceeding 50 MBPS?
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