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This question is about "Netgear WAC124 New Spectrum modem connection", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hello all,

It seems spectrum is sending out new modems to a lot of people, the email I got from them says if I don't do it. They will just disconect the internet. So I got it today. Everything was fine until I switched. I had to conect my pc directly to it and call them. They asked for the mac address and boom after 10 to 15 anoying minutes it worked, I unplugged my PC put on the Router cable with with my old WAC124, no internet. Switched back to pc directly, internet. reseted the router no internet. unplugged everything and plugged everything no internet. I used my pc to go inside the WAC124 settings and changed the mac address from the router to my pc's mac address. BOOM like magic there was internet. Did Spectrum blocked my routers mac address? if so why? it is anoying specially since I bought that piece of . equipment no long ago. I know there are spectrum specialist reading all these blogs. I need an answer,

Netgear WAC124 New Spectrum modem connection?
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