New Comcast Box Does Not Have Clock or Channel Display!



I just got the new Cisco RNG 100 set-top box from Comcast and I'm disappointed that it does not have a clock or at the very least a channel display on the box itself. Why isn't there a front display any more? Anyone think it's possible to exchange the box for another one with a display? This is just a bad idea of them to remove those options.


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Many newer electronics only have an on - screen display, a result of price-cutting measures.

In fact, many devices don't even have controls on the box - just on the remote. If you lose the remote or it breaks, you're SOL. This is why I always tell people to buy a good TV Learning Remote
, program it for all your devices, remove the batteries from the original remotes and stash them in a safe place.

For less than $20 you can not only simplify your life but also save yourself a lot of trouble if you ever lose or damage your remote.


Yes new Comcast boxes suck.. I want my clock and channel display on front of my box.. Comcast getting cheap. The last straw..I will NOW look for a new provider..

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