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We recently moved into our new construction home and for MONTHS prior to moving in I tried to get service set up at the new house so we could easily transfer it from our original house. Xfinity is all over my new neighborhood as well as AT&T. I have confirmed this with several Xfinity Techs I have seen in my new neighborhood that said I should have no issue getting service and verifying it is on my property or a very short and easy run to my property from the "plant". I have talked to countless people with customer service online, on the phone, by email, and gone as far as texting someone pictures of my utility bills and map locations to prove I have a house there and my address for where my new house location is. All of this to no avail and to be left high and dry with no returned phone calls/emails and without any answers. I ultimately had to cancel service because they were still billing me even though I hadn't had service in almost 2 months. Trying to get my money back for that fiasco is another story, but we would still like to ultimately have our comcast service back.

1. How do I get my address added once and for all to the serviceability list and how do I get construction to survey and/or run whatever small bit of line from the plant to my house?

2. I am a corner lot so could that be playing into my serviceability issues and they have the wrong address listed for my property?

3. The Xfinity Tech I spoke with today in my neighborhood showed me the Xfinity "design map" on his phone they use to hook up service and it shows my cove but on his map it is mislabeled with the cove name across from me. Could this be part of the issue?

I am beyond frustrated and have literally done everything I can on my end to make this happen without any lucky. PLEASE HELP!!!

"New Construction Home Serviceability," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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