"NEW" DirectTV Mobile DVR Service NOT Working; Customer Service response neglectful a

"NEW" DirectTV Mobile DVR Service NOT Working; Customer Service response neglectful a

I'm reposting this comment/request after realizing my orginal post was in response to a thread marked "SOLVED". Since my issue is clearly not resolved, I wanted to make sure this comment gets all the attention it deserves.

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My Comment/Request:

Wow... after spending hours over the past few weeks, pulling my hair out, and wasting time on the phone with Technical support... my problem of activating Mobile DVR service hasn't been resolved either. I've gotten the same run around with everyone I've spoken to at Direct TV.. they tell me to uninstall and reinstall the app; to my reciever has to be activated. After going in this circle for about an hour, I eventually get told they will need to call me back. Once again, same experience - NO ONE EVER CALLS BACK!! The customer service on trying to resolve this issue has been horrbile and the information provided has been less that truthful, bordering on complete lies or lip service. Until I found this forum tonight, I thought maybe I was experiencing this in isolatation.. now I know, it seems they treat everyone this way. There is something seriously wrong here and the problem seems systemic. Despite multiple request to have my problem escalated, I was offered no alternative solution except, reinstall, and we'll call you back. I am so frustrated and disappointed at this point, that I'm considering canceling my service. At well over $150 per month for DirecTV, the ability to deliver the services expected should be more reliable. Hopefully, someone from AT&T/DirectTV will read this and get some action to resolve this or provide answers. I am a senior IT Professional and more than able to assist with troubleshoot this problem, but I need help from senior network/systems engineers at DirectTV. Frontline Level one support is not working. My theory is this is a networking problem, related to SWIM or Whole Home private networks - but no one on any of my technical support calls seem to understand basic networking issues. I've been unable to locate any technical documentation on MDVR, to ensure any required firewall ports and services are open and not being blocked. Again, tech support has no answers. Did I mention how p!ssed and upset I am as a customer!?

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