New forum layout (Feedback and Info)

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hello everyone,
Please use this thread to provide feedback on our new forum layout. We are aware that there is a small issue with forum "Thanks" in threads under a users profile info, and we will be adjusting within a day or so....

Anyway, FYI, if you completely hate the new layout, you can switch back to the old style by browsing to the bottom right hand side of our website and selecting the drop down box labeled "DTVUSAForum" and selecting "VB4 Default Style".



I was wondering what new layout you were talking about because it looked the same to me...until I switched from Firefox to Internet Explorer two days ago. The new layout showed up after that and I like it better than the previous one.

Now I'm back on Firefox and the new look on the forum apparently came with it.

Thanks Jay for all the great work you do!


Jason Fritz

Staff member
Thanks guys, always looking to make things easier here too for the user experience. I'm always open to suggestions or comments, so don't hesitate to PM me or leave feedback here.