Question: New indoor antenna picks up everything but the only channel I want



Hey all,

I was paying an extra $5/month to add ABC to my Sling TV package when I thought, man how stupid am I, I should just be able to pick up ABC (and bonus: a host of other channels) with an antenna!

So, being internet-savvy and all, I found tvfool and ran my report:

Awesome! ABC is super green!

I went to Amazon and bought this for $20:

You probably know where this is going. It came, I hooked it up, and I had 90 channels with really good reception - but no ABC. I hooked up the amplifier, now I had 99 channels - still no ABC.

What the hell, man? I looked at my tv fool report more closely and realized that I don't think I have a single VHF channel. So, easy question: What should I try to pick up all the channels (especially ABC), not just the UHF ones?

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