New non-HD box makes shows all sound like chipmunks



Seriously, that sounds just like Chipmunks with a heavy breath in between. I have reset the cable top box twice. I have called Comcast tech support. And nothing seems to stop Anderson Cooper and every other single sound coming from the TV sounding like a chipmunks. So this was a new experience after we came home from shopping yesterday. Prior to that it was fine. In fact the set that died that we replaced, and I won't get into that Fiasco, was working fine until a Comcast tech decided to do some work outside the house at the back of our property. So does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this issue because I can't stand to listen to Alvin Simon and Theodore until Comcast can send a tech out and I sure don't want to pay for service that I'm not able to watch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This does not affect our other two sets and it does not affect the TV when watching non cable so I'm not real sure what's going on here or if I just have a defective box.

"New non-HD box makes shows all sound like chipmunks," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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