New to the forum need some help

Hello from Pa. I need some advise on my OTA set-up. I have a Winegard Freevision antenna mounted about 15 ft AGL. According to tv fool most of my broadcast towers are within 15 miles in a westerly direction. ( 260-262 degrees ). For the most part reception is good except for occasional pixeling mostly on WHP 21. I ordered a EZHD antenna from Dennys Antennas in Michigan. I will be looking to relocate this antenna hoping for better outcome. I live outside Harrisburg in a rual setting with trees and hills around. Thanks for any help, here is my TV Fool info looking to get channels in the green zone. Jim. 1548201181960.png
Something more to add, I have about 50ft. of coax from antenna to a splitter then about 20 ft. to each of two tv's. On one tv I get 15 channels all very good reception. The other tv I only get 11 channels and the CBS is usually good during the day and gets worse at night. If I eliminate the splitter the tv that gets 11 will usually get 15, do I need an amplifier or preamp? Thanks, Jim.

Jim Rauch

Put up new antenna in a different location got all 15 channels on both tv's. Had some minor pixeling at times so I replaced rg 59 coax with rg 6. Now I get all 15 channels on one tv and only 14 on the other. I have tried rescanning and eliminate the splitter nothing helped. Why would I lose one channel?
Update Feb. 6, 2019. Erratic reception, I go days where all 15 channels are fine, then I start getting pixeling on a couple channels then one channel becomes unavailable can not rescan and get it back. Need help from someone.

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