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Hello, has the title says I'm new here and wanted to say hello..Ok so I told direct tv we were finished and bought a GE 65 mile outdoor styled antenna and have had good luck with all networks, PBS, Bounce, Get tv, Me tv, Comet, like 14 30 to 40 miles from Syracuse Ny towers..and I mounted 25 feet up near chimney..ive bought another cheap antenna pc 8,000 just to monkey with in attic has maybe a backup..but its becoming lots of fun with learning about 150 mile range myths, pre amps, multi path, noise margins ECT..but my biggest signal interference comes from Lynnie my girlfriend, she wont let me drill anymore into the roof..:embarrassed: But its her house, I met her well after her divorce ..thanks for reading my post..
I look forward to learning more from you all...Dave "Digi_Fizz"
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Thanks Jim,

Hey great idea heres my info has entered at Tv Fool;

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After 4 weeks of OTA viewing through all conditions, snow,rain,wind i can say that all my channels come in good, however my ABC 9.1, Me Tv 9.2 and Bounce 9.3 can get a little "shakey" with some signal drop if windy and for some odd reason every Sunday morning ABC becomes not watchable? Sometimes NBC 3.1 "breaks up" a little bit, sorry im still trying to learn the correct jargon. Ive tried reaching Rochester to the west w no luck at all..
I bought a cheapie PC 8,000 antenna through Amazon and ran cable to attic and picked up all channels about the same has my other GE antenna mounted higher outside on chimney..the plan was to run that signal to Lynnies upstairs bedroom, her room is upstairs below attic so i wont need that much cable run if i drill down through..

I never imagined how much fun all this could be, watching NFL games and the Bachelor (w Lynnie) all for free, Gilligans Island at 8 and 8:30 pm ...LOL

Thanks, Jim

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Your ABC 9.1 channel is not VHF channel 9, it is UHF channel 17. Move your antenna a foot up/down/right/left/forward/back. You need to 'hunt' for a clean signal from that transmitter. Come back and report what you discovered!



Jim, I had a less than ideal cable run to chimney, I used a direct tv cable coupled to another cheapie cable. The thing is I had to much extra cable slack and a bad coupler connect on the roof. So today I went up on the rooftop and ran a new 50 foot quality R6 from antenna to tv inside, no more coupler, and no splitters now. Much better now w less drops, in fact ABC hasn't dropped at all since ..its a compromise w NBC has it wants a slightly different placement but id rather sacrifice has I want ABC more..i wonder now that with the cable issue solved if a pre amp would help? My tv is a 2011 Sanyo.. Thanks for the assistance..


Had a busy Antenna filled day, I replaced a outside antenna cable to tv..but the strange confusing thing is I installed a PC 8000 cheapie $17 antenna in the attic, its shooting out of a A frame style gable about 30 feet up, through wood and vinyl siding and with a 15 foot cable run through ceiling into room below and I'm getting crystal clear reception on all the channels that im supposed to get..huh?? This contradicts everything I've learned I mean shouldn't my more expensive roof mount antenna be better?? And to think that wind, rain, storms ECT wont have a bearing on it like my roofie will have to endure and I could of saved money on grounding supplies..DOH! In this case the attic wins over outside..go figure..